Terms And Conditions

Delivery Timeline

Inside Dhaka -- 3 to 5 days

Outside Dhaka -- 3 to 7 days

Buying Option

General Product : 

You can buy product in general section with or withot discount. All kind of products will be in this section to buy.

RPC Product :

A certain amout of product will be here with great offer.  Products with or without discount but it should be offer certain amount of cashback to your wallet after purchasing which you can use for further purchase product.  

Blast Product : 

A certain amount of product will be published on a specific date (like friday) with a massive discount or massive cashback Or both. Blast product also include Buy * Get *  Offer.

Cashback amount

If You have Cashback Amout in your wallet you can use it by purchase product. In that case you can use half of the price from cashback wallet and half of your new wallet.